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This web page is dedicated to NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, NASA Chief Historian Dr William Barry, and the few remaining Apollo astronauts, who make themselves a worldwide laughing stock with their ongoing claim of landing on the Moon.
If the Internet, and e-mail were around in 1968, I would have been glad to have a serious open debate with "Apollo believers" on whether the Moon missions were for real or not. However, it is not 1968, but 2021 and, as such, the authenticity of the Apollo Moon missions can no longer be debated. Neither does it fall into a "conspiracy theory" as the facts are well known. Conspiracy theories question what really took place, however it has been a well proven fact since the mid 80's, that the Apollo Moon missions were faked by NASA for propaganda purpose.
Although it's common knowledge throughout the world that the Apollo Moon missions were faked by NASA back in the 60's, many gullible people still accept NASA's claim of sending men to the Moon, without bothering to carry out any research, or investigation, to see if NASA are indeed telling the truth. There are those who will never accept the Moon missions were faked, regardless of how much factual evidence of a fake is put before them, I refer to those people as PAN's which stands for Pro Apollo Nutters.
Those who will not accept that Apollo was a fake, have been brain washed into believing 52 years of blatant lies from NASA, such that they become brain damaged, and lose touch with reality. We've all come across them from time to time as they re-iterate their ridiculous statements like, "I can see the flag through my telescope", or "I saw the rocket lift off, and the TV pictures, so it must have happened". They also make stupid remarks like "What about the Moon rock brought back by the Apollo astronauts?". How do we know its Moon rock?  It's only NASA's word, and if it is, then it was brought back by scoop and return probe.
If you are one who likes living in a fantasy world, there is no hope. However if you are one of those who has serious doubt about the Apollo Moon landings ever happening, then this site is for you.
The comical aspect about NASA's 52 year Moon hoax, is how it's making a worldwide laughing stock of NASA, and the astronauts who claim to have traveled to the Moon. The most damning aspect however, is that NASA's Moon landing scam is confusing the younger generation, by giving them a disorientated view of current space travel and technology. For example, many youngsters who saw the shuttle lift off from launch pad assumed it was going to the Moon. They could not understand why it was only going 200 miles into low Earth orbit, when NASA supposedly made 9 manned journeys to the Moon, (each mission being a return trip of over 500,000 miles), during a 3 year period which began 52 years ago. Yes NASA made trips to the Moon look like a 10 minute bus ride to the local shops, and most, but not all people, fell for it hook, line and sinker.
If NASA did send men to the Moon, then space technology has gone backwards instead of forward. That seems somewhat bizarre when one looks at technology advances, particularly in computer science. Of course space technology has not gone backwards. What is bizarre is NASA's outlandish claim.
Since 1995, more and more encyclopedias, are making less and less, and in some cases no reference at all, to the Apollo Moon missions. Evidently the publishers have "wised up" to the fact that the Apollo missions were faked, and no man has been to the Moon and back. "A hole in history", as Arthur C. Clarke quoted back in 1969.
At the time NASA faked the Moon missions, they anticipated that there would be people around the globe who would dispute them, (the author of this site was one). However they surmised that it would never spread any further than a few people discussing it in their local pub, or at work. How wrong they were. NASA never envisaged that 30 years later every person in the world would be able to talk, discuss, then share information and thoughts with one another in a matter of seconds.
During the 1970's, a large percentage of people had serious doubt that the Moon landing ever happened. However there was no material available upon which to base an investigation, other than a limited number of photographs shown in a few ficitional, fantasy books which endorsed Apollo. Neither could they share their thoughts with others in the world who held the same belief.
In 1995 the Internet brought about the downfall and full expose of NASA's 25 year hoax, as people worldwide now had full access to NASA's web site pictures, and could see for themselves the pathetic way in which the photographs had been doctored with the same repetitive background. Prior to 1995 it was not possible to see these pictures, but you can now study them in the comfort of your own home.
Sites exposing the Moon landings as fake, will soon outnumber the untrue Apollo Moon web sites. Click on each picture to go to the same picture on a NASA site, and click on links at bottom of page for the full, complete story on the biggest scam ever hoisted upon the world's media.
The lunar map used for Apollo 17 mission, the quality of which is very poor, however scale is marked in Kms. Now perhaps some of you Pro Apollo Nutters out there could tell me why this map is marked in Kms, when in the USA the Imperial system of measurement was used back in the 1960's?

Note landing site marked X, and each individual Station Number. Note Station 2 by the South Massive, which is over 8 kilometres from landing site, and Station 8 which is over 4 kilometres in the opposite direction.
Photograph shown right is from the ALSJ, (Apollo Lunar Surface  Journal). Text accompanying this picture states:- "Approaching Station 2 with the LM shown in the distance"

That Lunar Module sure don't look like it's over 8 kilometres away, which is what the lunar map above shows it to be.
Photograph shown left is stated as being Station 6 on the Moon. Notice how the background is identical with that same curved light marking, and crater.

The foreground in this picture was actually taken at a remote location in Arizona, so the shadows one sees are natural occurring shadows from sunlight here on planet Earth. It is but a simple matter to black the sky out, and paste in the background mountain scene.

NASA tell us that this astronaut on rover, is at Station 9.

However that same curved light marking, and crater are there in background, and again picture was taken from exactly the same angle.
Picture shown left is Station 8, Cochise crater. Is it not somewhat strange that this picture also shows same background, scene, and yet again picture was taken from the same angle.

Text accompanying this picture states "The final parking place of the rover prior to lift off". Looking at map above. Station 8 is the furthest point North from the LM landing site. Did they walk the 5 Kms back to LM?
Picture, shown right, is Camelot crater which is Station 5. Camelot crater is over 1 kilometer from the landing site in a totally opposite direction to Station 8, (which incidentally is over 6 Kms from Station 5). Low and behold that same curvature of light, but crater has been obliterated in this shot.

A classic example of shuffling the background imagery to try and create differing views. Tuttle did a poor job of blackening the sky in this picture. Look closely on a high res screen, and you will see evidence of trees within the blackness of space.
NASA claim that picture on left is Station 7.

However it is plain to see that background has again the same identical curved light marking.

The angle, and orientation that picture was taken, are also the same.

This final picture, taken from ALSJ web site, is portrayed as being the Apollo 17 landing site.

One does not need to be a photographic expert to notice that, like all the others, it has the same identical background, and yet the LM does not appear in the photographs above.

Note that the picture has no reticules, yet it was supposedly taken by the same camera that took all other shots. How many different camera's did they take with them to the Moon?
If this picture was taken in 1972, why did it not appear in any books or magazines until 1994, when it first appeared in a newspaper, and why is it in color on the ALSJ site, when other pics are in monochrome, especially as they were again taken by the same camera?
Still not convinced? Then maybe this final photograph will prove my theory. It shows John Dorsey at Langley Research Center where they are currently designing a crane to unload cargo for, as Mr Dorsey quotes, "When astronauts return to the Moon".

I think they would do better spending their time figuring out how to get to the Moon for the first time instead of fabricating any so called evidence that they have already been there. Notice behind him the mountainous lunar canvas backdrop used in faking the Apollo 17 photographs.
In 1994 the author of this site, contacted NASA for an explanation as to why the Apollo 17 Moon photographs all had the same background, when taken at differing locations. 27 years on, and I'm still waiting for an answer. I also contacted the News of World at the same time to expose the dodgy Moon pictures. However back then they assumed you were some kind of idiot to suggest the Moon landings were fake. Time, however, has proven that this so-called idiot, was in fact correct.
If the astronauts covered an area roughly 8 Kms by 12 Kms, and panned their camera through 360 degrees at the various locations, what are the odds against getting an identical background in each picture? Six separate locations which are miles apart, and yet each one has the same identical background. In all pictures one can see a relatively flat foreground, and an abrupt straight line where foreground meets the background hilly area. This is conclusive proof that background hilly scene has been pasted onto photo, and the sky blacked out.
The evidence of false backdrops is not so noticeable in the earlier faked pictures for missions 11/12 and 14, as they were taken at Langley Research Center in the 'MOONSET' studio. It is the latter missions, ie, 15/16 and 17 where anomalies are plainly obvious. When questioned about the authenticity of the Moon landings, NASA's reply is "We do not have time to answer any questions, the truth is in the photographs". The truth is indeed within the photographs, and the truth hurts. These photographs are fake, which means the Moon landings are also fake.

Look at it this way. According to NASA, a person born in the 19th centuary would have witnessed 9 journeys to the Moon and back, with 10 men actually walking on the Moon itself. A person born in the 21st centuary on the other hand, has so far witnessed no manned space journeys outside of Earth orbit. Utterly ridiculous? Yes of course it is ridiculous, and so is the Apollo Fairy Story.
Of the 24 astronauts that NASA claim they sent to the Moon, and returned safely to Earth, only 11 of them remain at the end of 2020. The other 13 having passed on are:-

Jack Swigert (Apollo 13), Born 30 Aug 1931, Died 27 Dec 1982. Roland Evans (Apollo 17), Born 10 Nov 1933, Died 7 April 1990. James Irwin (Apollo 15), Born 17 Mar 1930, Died 8 Aug 1991. Stuart Roosa (Apollo 15), Born 16 Aug 1933, Died 12 Dec 1994. Alan Shepard (Apollo 14), Born 18 Nov 1923, Died 21 Jul 1998. Pete Conrad (Apollo 12), Born 2 Jun 1930, Died 8 Jul 1999. Neil Armstrong (Apollo 11), Born 5 Aug 1930, Died 25 Aug 2012. Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14), Born 17 Sep 1930, Died 4 Feb 2016. Richard Gordon (Apollo 12), Born 5 Oct 1929, Died 6 Nov 2017. Gene Cernan (Apollo 10/17), Born 14 Mar 1934, Died 16 Jan 2017. John Young (Apollo 10/16), Born 24 Sep 1930, Died 5 Jan 2018. Alan Bean (Apollo 12), Born 15 Mar 1932, Died 26 May 2018. Al Worden (Apollo 15), Born 7 Feb 1932, Died 18 Mar 2020.

The remaining 11 astronauts are:- Frank Borman (Apollo 8). James Lovell (Apollo 8/13). William Anders (Apollo 8). Thomas Stafford (Apollo 10). Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11). Michael Collins (Apollo 11). Fred Haise (Apollo 13). Dave Scott (Apollo 15). Ken Mattingley (Apollo 16). Chales Duke (Apollo 16). and Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17).

Frank Borman born 14 Mar 1928, is now the oldest at 92, whilst Ken Mattingley born 17 Mar 1936 is the youngest at 84. We can therefore expect those 11 to pass away sometime within the next 5 years.
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